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Wavian Quality

Swiss Link is the only North American supplier of the best Wavian NATO Military Jerry Cans, Jerrican, Gasoline, Diesel, Water, Kerosene and Fuel Cans. Our Jerry Cans are built to the highest quality and fully safety tested. The Wavian Brand is synonomous with quality and is trusted by our many customers from all corners of the globe. 

Legal and Compliant

Many Jerry Cans sold in the US do not meet goverment requirements, always ensure you are purchasing a can and spout system that has been officially approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies.  Our cans and spouts are EPA, CARB and DOT approved and OSHA Compliant. The .9mm walls and are the strongest on the market today.

Fuel and Water

We now also stock high quality Water Cans. These heavy duty NATO approved cans were made for the Australian Military and are strong enough for a 250lb man to stand on an empty can without crushing it. Available in 5 Gallon (22 liter) size and in 3 colors (Black, Blue & Green). 

Wholesale Pricing

Our Wavian Brand USA, UN & NATO approved Jerry Cans for sale and Jerry Can Spouts are THE best solution for those who wish to transport and store gasoline and other fuel safely. Our core business is dealing with wholesalers, distributors and retailers looking to purchase Jerry Cans in bulk at low prices.